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Brandon Truaxe


I have spent a lot of time writing a lot of boring text on a different page. Please click here to read it.

Past Experience: Founder, Indeed Labs/Founder, EUOKO.
Education: University of Waterloo.
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Nicola Kilner


Every day should start with a latte and half a salted chocolate chip cookie, dreaming crazily and making plans that make no-sense to anyone else. I hate silence and being alone, which may be why my phone is continuously on charge.

Past Experience: Boots.
Education: Business Management, Nottingham Trent University.
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Prudvi Kaka

Innovations Director

Two things come to mind; crunching formula's in the lab or hitting badminton birdies on the court with Tom. So far, three years in Canada is kind of challenging, and I am looking forward to seeing my parents after three years. I’ve worked as a lab chemist since I graduated. I am having loads of fun and lots of laughs, and working hard at DECIEM.

Past Experience: Lab Chemist.
Education: Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology.
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Alessandro Paron

Group Director of Business Partnerships

I am an Italian native who has always had a great passion for travelling and exploring new cultures. My favourite destinations include London, New York City and, of course, Toronto. I am super curious about everything and anything, and really like to learn new things - one would not be surprised to know that I read random Wikipedia articles anytime I can. When I was a kid, my dream was to become a banker… Unfortunately I have realized this might never happen (sigh!), so I now wish to open a café instead. I am an absolute foodie – I spend hours cooking and love watching cookery programmes just as much as I like eating out and discovering new restaurants. Other passions of mine are biking, foreign languages, architecture, design and… hazelnut gelato!

Past Experience: iStopOver Inc.
Education: Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Udine.
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Emma Jing

Finance Director

Excited about travel, calorie-dense foods, nature, breaking a sweat...so my ideal day probably involves trekking up a mountain in South America while eating a Big Mac.

Also a huge fan of to-do/checklists so on the horizon:
- Attempt paddle board yoga
- Californian road/camping trip
- Develop a homemade recipe worthy of being held secret

Other interests include bulk barn visits, beer tastings, board games over wine and cheese (that officially transitions a childhood activity into something classy right?), and rolling around in laundry hot and fresh out of the dryer.

Past Experience: Allstream, Deloitte.
Qualification: CA, CPA.
Education: University of Waterloo; Master of Accounting, Bachelor of Financial Management.
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Esther Rodas

Art Director

You may find the things that I do strange, but I'm not weird at all, I'm just a designer! Just to name a few things, I'm that person who stops midway while walking through a mall to feel the material of store signage. I also buy products only to keep the packaging. I'm a hoarder with collections of catalogues under my bed. I even go as far as checking my pantone swatches before going clothes shopping. Can you blame me? I want to make sure my shirt and socks match!

Past Experience: Engloba, NGT Creativity, Enblanc, Bowring.
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Advertising & Public Relations, + marketing, ESIC Business & Marketing School, Spain. Master's Degree in Design Engineering, Spec. Graphic Design
Cardenal Herrera-CEU University, Spain.
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Riyadh Swedaan

AB CREW Ambassador / Middle East Partnerships Director

I never liked taking the easy route because I believe that hard work produces the best results. I love challenges, that’s why I have never been happy with anything I've accomplished. In life, what you really want will never come easy. I get bored easily from following a routine; except when it comes to food and destroying myself at the gym. I'm a very cozy person, and my biggest happiness is when I'm at home. I love all animals, and my favorites are elephants and camels. If I could be an animal, I would choose to be a camel.

Education: College of pharmacy, Baghdad University, Pharmacy board of Canada,Certified personal trainer ISSA (international sports science association.
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Jason Santos

Graphic Genius

Hopped across the pond from London, England for a true Canadian experience…EH! Born and bred in the city of London, I am a true city boy at heart. You can take the boy out of the city but not the city out of the boy. I’m excited to make Toronto my new playground! A normal graphic design day for me consists of designing. Re-designing. Bang head against wall. Edit. Re-edit and edit some more, but I wouldn’t change a thing. In graphic design no day is the same. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

Past Experience: Santos Works, William Norris & Company.
Education: University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.
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Julio Torres

Director of Web Technology

A geek at heart and an artist by trade. Or vice versa.
As a kid I loved playing with gizmos. And with cardboard boxes. I would spend my afternoons creating complicated machines – which I called clocks – using rope, broken wind up toys and lots of boxes. I loved the endless possible ways to connect them and the steam-punk aesthetics of the finished contraption. My frustrated parents, tripping over my living room sized creations, used to point out it was a waste of money to buy me toys if I just wanted to play with their boxes. Then they had a great idea: they bought me a Lego set. Best present ever, including the awesome box it came in. Nowadays I play with gizmos for a living. And with cardboard boxes.

Past Experience: CockyPup, Indeed Labs, Euoko, DealerTrack.
Education: Computer Sciences, University of Havana, Graphic Design, Self Taught.
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Lulu Vibert

EARTH PR & Relationships

I imagine anything being possible so I love my time creatively making it happen. Passion with sometimes the odd bottle of Veuve Clicquot drive my focus. I have danced in many compartments in my brain that keep me entertained so I don't just orchestrate just one song. I feel blessed everyday to be!

Past Experience: Editor in Chief & Creative Director of various publications from Ocean Drive, LUSH Magazine, HAROLD Luxury For Men. Lulu Unlimited - created events for everyone from STOLI to Designer Valentino to the Black Eyed Peas, Edge Advisor for Building Brands.
Education: Private School, Miami.
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Mira Singh

Partnerships Director

I love historical dramas, haute couture and a great spaghetti bolognese. I’m always on my phone and on the hunt for a charger (especially after switching to android). I’m a city girl, I love UBER and prosecco, and visiting art galleries, beaches and new restaurants.

Past Experience: Abercrombie & Fitch, Faulhaber Communications, smokeandmiras.com.
Education: Havergal College, University of Western Ontario.
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Nehrutha Thiyagar

Director of Logistics

I LOVE chocolates and puppies (who doesn't?!). The suburbs and freshly manicured lawns. Thunderstorms and snow days. Chinese fast food and Italian gourmet. Naps during the day and sleeping away the entire weekend. Marathons of The Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote. Making lists and lists of all my lists. Celebrating everything with some Rosé, Pina Coladas, and Jägerbombs. But I especially love my family, and my extended crazier DECIEM family.

Past Experience: BDO Canada, Rogers, Indeed Labs.
Education: University of Toronto
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Andriy Zolotoiy

Director of Software

I like to watch moving water, it is never the same... But I get bored with that quickly, in like 30 seconds. And then I get to geeky stuff, photography and heavy metal.

Past Experience: Global Payments, Euoko, Research In Motion, DealerAccess.
Education: Applied Mathematics, Kiev State University.
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Eric Omikunle

Social Media Guru

I’m obsessed with music, pop-culture, and architecture. I’m a strong believer that everything looks better in black. I’m an introverted extrovert with a passion for brand connections. I believe that “a simple hello could lead to a million things”… so feel free and stop by my desk and say hi.

Past Experience: John Frieda, Biore, Perrier, Holt Renfrew, and fashion show producer for World Mastercard Fashion Week.
Education: Carleton University.. GO RAVENS!
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Shamin Mohamed Jr.

Director Of Operations

I'm known as the mini-Brandon. I have an infectious personality and a self-driven attitude. Home for me is living out of a backpack, having travelled to over 35+ countries in all seven continents (twice).

People, enthusiasm, laughter and running around are the drive that keep me able to brainstorm complex solutions quickly. When I'm not at DECIEM, I run one of Canada's largest youth-HIV charities, LetsStopAIDS.

All of this craziness, only makes me smile (or laugh) even more!

Past Experience: LetsStopAIDS, IAS, Plan Canada, Emergency Architects Australia.
Education: Health Sciences, University of Ottawa; Certified Project Manager, University of Toronto.
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Stephanie Wong

Group Creative Director

... In the process of designing.

Past Experience: Synergy Networx, Icon Digital Productions
Education: University of Toronto
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Alejandro Prado

Formula Implementation Director

From October to June I attend Basketball games. It’s my favourite hobby. After work I love going to the gym and attempt to stay fit. My favourite food is Steak and Potatoes. My goal in life is to be healthy and fit and live a long life.

Past Experience: Construction Roofing.
Education: Monsignor Fraser.
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Dionne Lois Cullen

Communications & PR Director, DECIEM UK

I think I own my dog. My dog thinks he owns me. It’s complicated but we’ve been BFF’s for the last 5 years. I am particularly enamoured with Korean food and can often be found encouraging others to become equally addicted. The only things that really irritate me are negativity and when people that don’t use eyelash curlers try to talk to me about mascara.

Past Experience: Beauty Seen PR,Harrods.
Education: University Of The Arts, London.
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Hajar Mobarez


My life is so much more daring, adventurous and open to changes than one can imagine. I was born in Kabul, grew up in Iran, studied in Germany and now living in Toronto.

Past Experience: Parliament, UN, ML&S.
Education: M.A. Public Policy, B.A. Industrial Management. Erfurt University.
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Sharaz Hamid

Plant Manager

My aspirations and goals as a human being are to be the best cricketer in the world. Aside from sports I love to work very hard to achieve all good things this life has to offer. I also like new challenges that just make me think more about how to reach my goals in life.

Past Experience: Shipping and Receiving, Forklift Operator, Salesman/Customer Service
Education: Bloor Collegiate Institute.
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Imtiaz Basdeo

Product Creation Expert

365 days in a year and I enjoy every second, minute and hour of it. Whether at work or I'm always trying to be positive. I'm a huge fan of baseball love to watch and play it. I love horror movies because I fear nothing and I'm prepared to take on any challenge

Past Experience: Assembling doors and trim (Canawood).
Education: Monsignor Fraser.
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Meena Razack

Deputy Plant Manager

I'm a “city girl” who loves noisy crowds, the bright lights and the warmth, but also lively and joyful nights. My hobbies are pretty much sports-oriented. I love to watch Cricket and play as well, though 90% of the time I "miss" all of my shots. I hope to form my own team in the future. I also love to watch Wrestling and see it live when it comes to town.

Past Experience: Minotaur Art - Administrative Assistant, Sun Glo Products - Administrative Assistant.
Education: Business Administration, George Brown College.
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Niaz Razack

Inventory Movement Manager

I am productive and very athletic. Love to explore and travel the world. Always happy and ready for what ever life has to offer. I like the t.v show Ink-Masters, it reminds me of myself. Could always use a good laugh because comedies are my favourite movies. If eating was a sport, I'd be a 5 foot 5 Michael Jordan.

Past Experience: Forklift Operator, Manufacturing Doors and Trims, Shipping/Receiving.
Education: Monsignor Fraser, Humber College.
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Hashim Swedaan

Customer Happiness Manager, DECIEM US

I dreamed and finally achieved the dream. I have always been an ambitious person and I intend on growing to be better and better.
I enjoy playing soccer, I like swimming, and I love to eat BBQ food. I like fish a lot, and I enjoy seeing them swim in my fish tank.

Past Experience: Ministry of Culture, Graphic Designer, US Army Translator.
Education: Associate Degree Electronics, Baghdad.
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Manuel Fadrique

Motion Graphics Director

People called me crazy to "cross the pond/ocean," and go so far away from my country. But I'd rather be crazy. If you join that madness and my Pancho Villa 4 hair mustache you`ll find out the name of my personal brand ;) My first project was to design a toilet catalog. Perhaps for this reason I like to work in post production! Do not say Motion Graphics, you say Manu! I like cooking (when people let me), I love sleeping (also when people let me), Rock & Roll, grabing stout beer while I'm in good company... And Mom, if you read this, I'm fine! These guys treat me very well!

Past Experience: Mad Mexican G.W, Art Direction, IKEA Communication & Interior Design, La Agencia P&C, Studio 3 Comunicacion.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic design, E.A.S.D. Castellon, Spain, Master’s Degree in Motion Graphics & Video Postproduction; Master`s Degree in Web Design, Gauss Multimedia School Malaga, Spain.
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Nikki Brown

Customer Happiness Manager, DECIEM UK

I have a passion for photography, piercings and crazy coloured hair. My hair has been every colour from bright orange to purple! I also love all things Disney, especially Frozen and minions. I have a Staffie cross Boxer called Princess Tinkerbell and she is my best friend! I also love animal print and my wardrobe is full of it. I am also a massive Costa coffee addict!! Read more

Jugal Jhurani

Mechanic Guru

I was born and raised in India, and came to Canada in December 2012 for further studies. My goal is to be independent and love whatever I do. I love travelling and would like to explore this world. By nature, I am cool and very much straight forward.

Previous Experience: Junior Service Technician, CNC Machinist.
Past Education: Sheridan College, Electro-mechanical Program, Automobile Bachelor’s Degree.
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Jeret Peniston

Formula Implementation Coordinator

I am a very dedicated worker, always smiling. My favorite sports are playing soccer and basketball.

Past Experience: Machine Operator.
Education: Post-Secondary Graduate.
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Avi Samaroo

Kabhi alvida naa kehna

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Natesha Khan

Product Creation Expert

A girl should always be like a butterfly, pretty to watch and hard to catch. A typical day should start with an iced coffee and end with sushi. My natural adrenaline rush for cars gives me the energy to get my day going. I have been a shopaholic for ten years and I still don't have anything to wear.

Past Experience: Every lip color there is.
Education: Under construction.
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Ben Hall

Accounting Manager

G'day mate! I'm from a far away land where we are known to ride our pet kangaroos, use phrases like "throw another shrimp on the barbie" and enjoy the acquired taste of vegemite. Only the last is actually true! You may think I'm crazy for leaving the beautiful beaches and warm weather in Australia to experience the cold, harsh Canadian winter but I've loved it here so far and seeing snow for the first time hasn't been the worst experience! Some of my main interests include travel, food, drinking and sports so if you like any of these, I think we'll get along just fine.

Past experience: Scotiabank, Quarles, Bentley's, PKF Mack & Co.
Education: University of Western Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia.
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Tamara Learning

Director of Education

Just like my name...I'm always learning. I'm a can-do type of person. If I don't know, then I'll google it! I have a passion for all things beauty, and I am constantly researching trends and have way too much makeup for one person! Some of my other interests include, movies, music, fashion, cats, photography, cooking shows and anything food related.

Past Experience: Retail, Makeup, Shoes & Clothing.
Education: Mohawk College--in the hammer!
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Anamaria Pertache

Product Creation Expert

I've always been passionate about science and I found that chemistry begins in the stars. The stars are the source of the chemical elements, which are the building blocks of matter. I'm glad that here I can help in returning pieces of stars to people. Read more

Mark Gil Reunir

Product Creation Expert

I am a homebody. I enjoy simple things in life, like staying in and being at home with my family. My passion is reading books and watching documentaries. I don't speak very much but I am an avid listener. My motto is less talk, less mistakes and more actions. Read more

Melissa Wang

QA/QC Genius

I love British panel shows, spicy foods, and embarrassing my friends with all the K-pop dance moves I’ve memorized. I spent the last few years traveling Asia learning the beauty secrets of Asian women. A perfect Saturday starts with a spin class, YouTube-ing with a cup of tea, and Settlers of Mel-tan.

Past Experience: Estee Lauder, teaching English in South Korea, Canadian Opera Company.
Education: Health and Diseases, Music History, University of Toronto.
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Abhi Sarker

Product Creation Expert

Born in Bangladesh I grew up in different parts of the world including the Middle East, India, USA, and Canada. My experiences with traveling have led me back to Toronto and I’m happy to call this city my home again. Some of my passions and hobbies include traveling, sports, cooking, fishing, Netflix, and food. When I’m not working at Deciem I like to meet up with friends and make new ones. I like to take on the challenges life throws at me. I love to laugh and live life to the fullest. In a way I’m not normal, because normal is boring. As a matter of fact I’m a big bit crazy. Read more

Sylvia Xu

Accounting Manager

I have been in Canada since 2002 from China and I love learning about all of the different cultures here. My dream is to travel around the world. From UK to France.. all the way to Australia and New Zealand. I'm also a huge animal lover. Cats, Dogs, Lions, Tigers... You name it! People usually describe me as an easy going and friendly person.

Past Experience: Hotz Ferrous Inc., Pharmaxyn Laboratories Ltd., ACGT Corporation,
Education: CPA in progress, Bachelor of Economics, University of Western Ontario.
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Bibi Sataur

Product Creation Expert

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth. You never know what you have until you clean your room. There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Spending time with my family is always as bright as the sun. Being unique is better than being perfect.

Past experience: Need a job for experience, need experience for a job.
Education: Learn as if you will live forever.
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Yvonne Ji

Director of Distribution

Beautiful people like you and talented people like me are fortuitous in this world. I love bringing good products to you, and this is my way to make the world more beautiful.

Past Experience: Unilever, SC Johnson.
Education: M.Eng., IPMA authorized International Project Manager; B.Sc. Chemistry. Fudan University & University of Hertfordshire.
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Michael Hua

Graphic Genius

Design Revolves Everything Around Me. I’m a graphic design junkie who loves to spend my days designing for fun, designing because I can't sleep, designing because I don't want to sleep, and double tapping designs I love. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I have a really amazing plan to stay alive. I would say it here but I don’t want anyone stealing my idea. I’m also a strong believer in aliens, and Batman.

Past Experience: Trial and Error.
Education: Ryerson University and (more importantly) the Internet.
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Neha Gupta

HR Director

I believe in ‘living life to the fullest,’ and laughing at the silliest of the jokes! I love watching Bollywood movies, trying out different cuisines (current favorite being SUSHI!) and hogging on desserts at anytime of the day. I am really passionate about dancing and travelling to different cities. I love spending my Saturdays watching TV on my couch with a cup of French Vanilla and having a house party in the evening! Born and brought up in India, I dream of having a cute cottage somewhere in the hills of Uttaranchal where I can spend my holidays with my family.

Past Experience: L’Oreal, HSBC and ICICI Bank
Education: Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Master’s in Human Resources
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Tanalee Learning

E-Commerce Coordinator

I'm a leather jacket enthusiast and have too many shoes to count! I enjoy travelling, books and creating memories. I love a good end of season sale and feel that brunch is the most important meal of the day. Vogue is my bible and fashion is my religion.

Past Experience: Steve Madden, BCBG Max Azria and Townshoes Ltd.
Education: Fashion Business Management graduate, experience in visual merchandising, allocation and e-commerce
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Florence Orton

Country Manager

I am part Italian, part Japanese, have dual citizenship in Australia and the UK and am currently living in Sydney working for a Canadian brand. If that's not multicultural, I don't know what is!
I am most content with a face mask on and soy chai in hand, unless it's after lunch, then I'd rather wine. I have a terrible attention span when it comes to anything other than beauty and am currently in the process of taming my unhealthy obsession with reality TV.

Past Experience: A mix of PR Agencies specialising in Fashion and Beauty. Fashion Week experience in London, Paris, Sydney and Milan.
Education: Bachelor of Design, Whitehouse Institute of Design.
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Jerome Clark

Graphic Genius

I am a person who finds writing about myself to be incredibly difficult.

Focused yet constantly crossing over to la-la-land, overanalyzing in silence or subconsciously thinking about future projects… or what I would change to a random poster I see in passing. I am your typical analytical, and observant creative type, who always has a camera with him, loves to try different foods and learning new languages. I also have this weird talent for remembering dreams
[I’ve been told it’s a Pisces thing, which would make sense] :)

Past Experience: Bowring & Co.
Education: Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design
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Hyuna Kim

Communications Manager, Asia Pacific

It's okay if you can't pronounce my first name (it's close to Fiona with an H). I like people that hate the things that I hate. I hate winter more than anything. To survive the cold, I dream of summer clothes and keep a "summer outfit idea" folder. My favourite part about doing communications is lunch meetings. Sometimes I think I haven't fully evolved because I have strong primitive desires; eating and sleeping make me very happy.

Past Experience: American Apparel
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Brian Kwan

Product Creation Expert

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada at a very young age. My hobbies are playing sports and watching our Toronto teams play live games. I enjoy finding new restaurants to eat at because I enjoy tasting new styles of food. My favourite is Japanese. During my free time I enjoy socializing and meeting new people outside of work.

Past Experience: Black’s Photography, Scholastic
Education: Seneca College
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Sefia Mills

Product Creation Expert

An absolutely awkward, caffeine dependent outgoing introvert. God fearing Beyoncé fan. Can probably quote 'mean girls' better than anyone else you know.

Past Experience: Server/trainer/bartender/barista at Symposium Cafe. Crew member at Pelee Island Ferry Transportation.
Education: Proud Western Mustang, Psychology Major Class of 2013.
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John Mark De La Puerta

Product Creation Expert

I describe myself as a simple person. I do take my job seriously. I'm shy but easy to get along with. My hobbies include listening to music, watching tv and playing video games. My motto is, "try and try until you succeed."

Past Experience: Full-time student in the Philippines. I'm so blessed that I came to Canada to join my Mom.
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Tristan Stephens

E-Commerce Ambassador

I smile way too much, thank goodness for anti aging serums.

Past Experience: Work work work work work work work
Education: Learn something new everyday
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Aileen Juliet Guion

Product Creation Expert

An extrovert who has a positive outlook in life. My favourite quote is..."The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Likewise, to reach the unreachable stars is my life goal.

Past Experience: Bobette & Belle
Education: Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Accounting major) Central Philippine University
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Mary Ann Molina

Product Creation Expert

I am friendly, I like talking but sometimes I am quiet. It depends on my mood I love watching romantic comedies.

Past Experience: Latte Art, Waitressing, Packaging.
Education: HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) Saint Mary's University Philippines
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Sia Gbamanja

Product Creation Expert

My name is Sia,
I am a hard-working woman, beautiful and outgoing person, straightforward, caring, person, and understanding. I love all kinds of music. I love to cook and be around friends and family. I'm a very funny person and I love to make people laugh. Helping people makes me happy, you don't know how tomorrow will be.
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Gary Tomlinson

Product Creation Expert

I was born and raised in Jamaica. Moved to Canada when I was 12, grew up in Ajax for most of my Canadian life. Then to Toronto. Love almost every sport, mainly basketball and soccer. My dream and passion is to be a music producer. When I'm bored I fly to Mars for an hour to chill with Martians lol. Read more

Henschel Entana

Product Creation Expert

I can't live without sports and I hate to lose, I love the competitiveness.
09.29.15 is an important date for me.
I love the spring weather. And I will never get tired of eating fast food.

Past Experience: New York Fries restaurant, RSM plumbing.
Education: Graduated from George Brown College in plumbing and welding
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Bill Sandor

Construction Guru

I am of Hungarian descent but I was born in Romania. I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting, and swimming. I can build anything you can imagine!

Education: University of Bucharest
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Zevena Teo

Lab Guru

I was born and raised in Indonesia. A beautiful country which is known as the largest archipelago in the world with more than fourteen thousand islands. When I was 19, I moved to Canada to pursue a better education, and of course a better life. In my spare time, I love watching horror movies, baking and cooking, eating out, and taking pictures. One of my life goals is to travel around the world!

Past Experience and Education: I learned a lot from my mistakes and from people around me.
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Alejandro Saldarriaga

Lab Guru

Born in Colombia, I lived in several places before coming to Canada. I am someone who is passionate about science, always willing to learn new things. I am hardworking and draw great satisfaction from a job well done. In my free time I like to play tennis, read fiction novels, and try new restaurants, Oh! And I also love dogs.

Past Experience: Research Technician, Teaching Assistant/ Lab Tech, Research Volunteer
Education: B.Sc. Biology specialized in Biotechnology, York University
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Ryan Kam

Web Development Guru

The main things I like about people are their dogs.

Also, Yutong is a cool cat 🐱🐱

Past Experience: Startup, consulting.
Education: University of Toronto
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Mazen Almtawie

Lab Guru

Someone once told me to smile throughout life because one day you will realize how much life was smiling towards you! My passion is to enjoy what the world has to offer! I like Sharing a good time with friends, going on adventures, and I appreciate how our little planet is so beautiful! I was born in the desert paradise of the Middle East before moving to North America, where it became my green paradise of the world.

Past experience: Student Cultural Assistant, International Assistant, Chem Lab Assistant, Bio Lab Assistant, and Quality Control Chemist.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry, Trent University.
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Elsieta Arienza

Product Creation Expert

My hobbies include listening to music, eating and reading lots of books, magazines and online stories. Usually, I start my long work day with a SMILE and end up eating an Apple Fritter when I pass by Tim's. At night, I use cleaning ester to feel good and look great. Read more

Fernando Corpuz

Product Creation Expert

A diligent person with a big heart, a simple person who has dreams of becoming successful. It reflects my image of how hard-working I am. My motto in life is to "Stop Waiting For Things To Happen And Go Out And Make Them Happen.” Read more

Dana Ahmed

Product Creation Expert

I seek adventure and adrenaline in life. From travelling the entire world, to jumping off a plane, I want to do it all. My ultimate dream is to travel as far as I can and to go as many places as I can… (but coming back home to my parents at the end). I love watching movies and singing to Bollywood songs. I hoard shoes and laugh way too much for my own good. They call me “four-eyes,” yet I struggle every morning trying to find a pair of matching socks.

Past Experience: Way too many to list.

Education: University of Toronto, Life Sci/Pre-Med. BSc Majoring Psychology…….Still Pending…..
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Matheus Henrique Gabriel

Product Creation Expert

I am from Brazil, but even growing up in soccer's country I grew to love basketball. My other passion is music which I can't live without. I love to learn new things and I am curious to see what makes me go ahead.

Education: Biological Sciences at Sao Paulo State University - UNESP
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Laura Wythe

Communications Ambassador

Owner of a spectacular thumb face, trusting of people with good eyebrows, believer of unicorns, and Channing Tatum enthusiast.

When I grow up I want to be Edina Monsoon.

Education: Adele and Beyonce taught me the most valuable things I know. University of Brighton taught me the rest.

Past Experience: Profile PR
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Del Mahabadi

Marketing Guru

I wake up. I slay. Every day.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree, Post graduate Certificate in Communications.
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Jinny Hwang

Partnerships Manager, Asia Pacific

Sejin, Sej, Jin, Jinny, Sage... etc
Having lived in Thailand and England, I have collected quite a few names for myself and I love this because it shows how I am a people person and I am not afraid to make new friends wherever I go :)
So don't be shy if you see me and can't pronounce my name, just call out one of my names! Voila!

Past experience: Startup, VC, Fashion model
Education: Film Studies at Queen Mary, University of London
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Laci Balogh

Construction Guru

From the city of Baja in Hungary. A part of the #ICanBuildAnything crew. Read more

Ricki Thompson

Head of Logistics

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the HOL at a place called Deciem.

In west Nottinghamshire born and raised
On the football pitch was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some football outside of the school
When a couple of friends shouted "hey what's up Ricks"
Would you like to work at Deciem as the Head of Logistics
It took one little night and my mom said carpe diem
I said "I'm movin' to join a family at a place called Deciem"

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said abnormal with dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was fun
But I thought 'Nah, forget it' - "Yo, holmes to Deciem"

I pulled up to Unit Four about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie "Yo holmes smell ya later"
I looked at my family
I could finally see them
And sit on my seat as the HOL of Deciem.
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Stuart Baylis

Retailer Happiness Manager

Minion Stuart. After my small affair with the movies I have found a new family at DECIEM. I am enjoying my new life, growing with the company.

Education: University of life
Experience: Every experience is new and makes you who you are.
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Sojin Kim

Administrative Assistant

I love my dogs and freezing weather. On weekends, I usually stay home and make Gundam plastic models and watch League of Legends tournaments.

Past experience: American Apparel
Education: Seneca College
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Tammy Alli

Director of Experience - Eastern Canada

My brother's keeper.

Education: School of Rock
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Sofia Grella

Director of Experience

Made in Markham. Trained soprano. Eternal traveler. Podcast and fitness obsessed, in a good way. Invested in the journey and learning from the ground up.

Past experience: Former opera singer and high-end brand manager.
Education: Western University B.Mus., M.Mus
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Michael Danczuk

Web Development Guru

I got my first 486 when I turned 12 and have been tinkering with tech ever since. I'm an autodidact, I love learning new things and working out new challenges. I enjoy mountain biking, reading, classic rock and doing anything outdoors.

Past Experience: MTO, AppleCare, RCTO Niagara, FACS.
Education: Niagara College - Computer Programmer Analyst (Co-op)
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Dillon Higham

Product Creation Expert

I really enjoy batching at Deciem, as a company and because of the people that make it a place I look forward to working at everyday. I skateboard and play video games for fun and I like to get out and have fun with my buddies, although my main priority in life is my work. And I am focused and determined to do things properly. Seeing the way everything operates from the inside is an exciting opportunity and I hope to learn a lot and make good friends over the years with my awesome team at Deciem! Read more

Jasmine Roberts


How does one even begin to write about themselves? This will be quite difficult, but I'm not one to back down; challenge accepted! I like to think that I've always been an unusual gal' and that's all part of my charm! I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met. I firmly believe that a book is a dream you hold in your hands, and that you can make just about anything happen if you truly aspire for it. I intend to trick everyone into thinking that my life is on the corner of awesome and bomb diggity.

Past Experience: Editorial Assistant at Lulu Unlimited, ELLE Canada and FASHION Magazine. Freelanced at various publications for 2 years

Education: Advertising Media Management at Centennial College and BA Honours in Communications and English Literature at Carleton University
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Richelle Qin

Money Watchdog

My name is Rich---elle. I was born in China and moved to Canada when I was in Grade 10. I’m a big foodie who loves to explore new eating experience in Toronto. I love to listen to random playlist of jazz music before bed. Doing something adventurous, meeting different people, sharing experiences with my friends, travel just makes people happier. Sri Lanka, Thailand, Switzerland, Cuba one more time, I do have them in my vacation plan!

Past Experience: Beverage Plus Inc, Toronto Real Estate Insiders, HSBC Bank.

Education: University of Toronto, Bachelor degree in Economics
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Gerry Gatdula

Tidiness Angel

A passionate person and sport enthusiast who loves to travel, loves to try new foods and experience different cultures. Working on achieving my wish list to travel to Europe. Read more

Aref Mahabadi

Director of Video

After Graduating with an Advanced Marketing Diploma at Sheridan College I opted to leave marketing behind and channel my passions into the world of filmmaking. It was important for me to grow with a company that respected my goals and most importantly gave me the opportunity to be away from my family.

Advanced Marketing Diploma, Sheridan College
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Mohan Velusamy

Inventory Dispatch Guru

Some of my favourite things include traveling to unique destinations and learning new languages. In my spare time I love playing sports and going to watch sports games. Go team! Read more

Jiin An


Born and raised in Seoul, went to school in South Dakota for a bit then moved to Kitchener-Waterloo, but ended up finishing my undergrad in Seattle as I chose rain over snow for less miserable college winter life. Love being out with friends, wandering around random places, cruising on my penny board when it's sunny and breezy out. A very, very passionate shopper and that only leaves myself with countless pjs. For now, I've planned to end my rave life at Tomorrowland before turning 31. Anyone join me?

Past Experience: Product assistant
Education: Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, University of Washington
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Miguel Perreault


Everytime I look outside, I see movement. Everytime I listen to the sounds of the busy city, I hear music. Everytime I converse with people, I get inspired. And everytime I open my eyes in the morning, I first think at the new day as a challenge to surpass myself. I look at life as art itself. You should try; it's surprising what you could find!

Past Experience: Davids Tea, Starbucks, Nadisq (Music Store)
Education: The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (Contemporary Dance Program), Cégep Lionel-Groulx (Musical Theatre Program).
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Amanda Bronfman

Partnerships & Customer Happiness Manager

I LOVE winter, my favourite word is dessert, and it's likely you'll only find me wearing black, white or grey - unless it's the weekend - then I'll be in my active wear!

Past experience: Topshop, Willow and Perpetual Ltd.
Education: Bachelor of Arts (PR), Master of Professional Accounting, Monash University
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Conway Gaskin


Conway not Kanye. Different name, same ego.

Past experience: Starbucks Oatmeal Raisin Cookie/Ginger Molasses, Mrs. Fields White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Peanut Butter Oreo's
Education: Chips Ahoy School of the Extraordinarily Gifted
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Jynessa Marczuk


INFJ, closeted musical theatre nerd, not a girl, not yet a woman.

Sensible footwear, beauty tutorials, karaoke in Koreatown, Aubrey Graham aka The 6ix God, children's lit, classic rom-coms, intersectional feminism, dramatic teenage television series.

Learning how to code and working on an on-going, conceptual project called Café Discothèque.

Past experience: American Apparel, Fresh Restaurants
Education: Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto (Major in French Language Learning; Double Minor in English Lit and Women & Gender Studies)
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Anna Paliy


As a wee human growing up in Ukraine, Hong-Kong, and France, I wanted to become an acrobat and join the traveling circus. These days, I feel at home nestled inside a poncho over a long conversation and a cappuccino or hovering erratically overhead a half-painted canvas.

Past experience: Fruits&Passion, Sound In Motion Music and Dance Studio
Education: Master of Arts in Comparative Literature and Book History, University of Toronto
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Amanda Sobers

Customer Happiness Ambassador

Lipstick junkie.

Past experience: Nordstrom, Ontario Government
Education: Bachelor of Commerce, Carlton University
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Mairead Graham

Jr. Partnerships Ambassador

I have one of those impossible Gaelic names - it rhymes with 'Parade'.

I grew up on Vancouver Island and came to Toronto after studying in Montreal and living in France for half a year. I'm a big fan of music (Pulp / Timber Timbre), fiction (Jonathan Franzen / John Steinbeck), podcasts (This American Life / TED), and finding some greenery in this concrete jungle.

Education: Psychology at McGill University 2014
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Kelvin Reunir

Customer Happiness Manager

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

- Jeremiah 29:11

Education: Computer Networking at Seneca College
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Miya Strauss


19 year old girl with the hobbies of an 80 year old woman and the mind of a 7 year old boy. Read more

Morgan Kerekes


Hi my name is Morgan but I prefer to be called by my nickname Momo! I don’t like to think of myself a a plain jane kinda girl but my favourite pizza choice would say otherwise- just CHEESE. I spent my childhood around a ping pong table with four siblings, so I am always up for a challenge! I just moved to Toronto and I have been such a sucker for checking out all the new food fads, like sushi burritos and extravagant ice cream cones.

Past experience: Committed public health volunteer, soccer coach, greenhouse worker.
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queen’s University, majored in Health Studies, minored in Gender Studies
Currently working on a grad certificate focusing on Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion.
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Firas Alkhalidi

Customer Happiness Manager

I like work out and the gym is my life. I am looking forward to being a successful person in future. Read more

Liam Hannam


My idea of a wild Friday night is staying in with popcorn and Carrie Bradshaw.
I believe it is so important to be kind to one another. Something so simple like a smile in the morning can change someone's whole day.
PS: If you love Britney Spears, we should definitely be friends.
You know I can nail the choreography from 'I'm a Slave 4 U.
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Dominique McDermott


Hey Im Dominique!

I'm a part of a dynamic team of Ambassadors here at the Abnormal Beauty Company stores - the embodiment of all things magical. Some may call me a nerd but I believe the correct term would be an Avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy junkie.

Education: Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry and in another time Starfleet Academy
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Won Seo


I absolutely love my two cats and don't mind having to clean up after them. Give me some delicious bread and I'm the happiest person! Someday I will own my own bakery.

Education: Seoul National University of Science and Technology
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Lauren Scott


Hailing from the promise land of Edmonton, Alberta, I have been inventing, deconstructing and reinventing myself since youth.
Currently, other than working with the kindredly abnormal DECIEM, I am an emerging contemporary performance artist. I work worth integrating my body into installation spaces using electronic elements on my body to further enhance the experience for the viewer. Ultimately, the work aims to create empathetic environments where the viewer and I can seek a form of meaningful connection. Can you tell I was in art school for too long now? #shamelessselfpromotion

Past experience: (Master) Chef de Partie, female Ron Burgundy, hyaluronic junkie
Eduction: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media, Ontario College of Art and Design University
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Annabelle Sutherland

Partnerships Manager

Writing this bio reminds me of Blind Date! So we'll run with that theme. If you want to find a way to my heart, greet me with a bacon and cream cheese bagel in the morning, master endless impressions of Brian Badonde and take me travelling. We'll be best mates.

Past experience: The Mill, Jean Doumanian Productions
Education: Goldsmiths College, University of London
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Michelle Asare

Left & Right Hand of CEO

An introverted extrovert - shy and quiet at first, but loud and extravagant shortly thereafter. I am a person of extremes - there is no in-between, there is no grey area. The things that ignite my soul include coffee, coffee and more coffee - which reminds me, I need coffee.

Education: University of Toronto : BA in Political Science & International Relations
Past Experience: Edelman Canada, Dreammaker Realty, Aldo Group, Air Canada
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Sapphire Soloriano

Product Creation Expert

Yes, my name is like the gemstone :). Read more

Marie Fe Sughar

Product Creation Expert

Life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you. :)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
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Segrel Victor Saplan

Product Creation Expert

I can do all things, Christ is with me. Read more

Maribel Macayan

Product Creation Expert

Everything happens for a reason :). Read more

Kevin Corpuz

Product Creation Expert

Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m a quiet and kind person who loves his family and is passionate about basketball. Read more

Evelyn Corpuz

Product Creation Expert

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings in a good way to reach the stars of your wheel of good fortune. Read more

Luvy Agmata

Product Creation Expert

I am a sensitive and hardworking person with a big heart for everyone. Read more

Timothy Jayne

Inventory Control Guru

I'm a simple guy who loves to bake, eat, sleep and trade options.

Past Experience: Experience: Longo's
Education: University of Toronto
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Soyeong Jeon


I - eating + moving = 0
I like dancing and eating something delicious
I feel alive whenever I move

Past experience: Secretary at the Samsung Engineering
Education: Accounting of Hongik University
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Nelva Pierre

Product Creation Expert

I am very hardworking, focused, shy and very nice. Read more

Florencia Guerra


“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.”

― Maya Angelou
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Daseul Jeong


I love cheese, coffee, red wine and music. In the evenings, you can find me eating chicken wings followed by cheese and wine, while listening to my favourite song Evil Woman by ELO. Someday, I want to own my own shop serving nice cheese and wine.

Education : Australian Catholic University, Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design
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Eric Sabourin


Bonjour! I'm Eric - full of energy and love meeting new people.

Originally from the country's capital Ottawa and proud to call Toronto home.

I love the arts and have a passion for all things creative! I believe everyday should start with a smile and end with a laugh :)
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Laura Hoyos


Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George. Read more