Think of HIF Cleansing Conditioners as dry cleaning for your hair, only with water.

In one simple, gentle step, HIF deep cleanses with cleansing fractions instead of common detergents while a long list of conditioning technologies leaves the hair in prime condition.

Professional Cleaning for Hair.

Hair really is like fabric. The most effective way of achieving healthy hair is by preventing its fibre from being damaged in the first place. Traditional shampoos slowly strip the hair and wash the natural goodness away. In one simple step, HIF professionally cleans the hair and scalp, without removing natural oils.

The unique fractionated cleansing particles bind only to dirt and leaves the hair fabric alone. This allows for all impurities to be fully removed and rinsed away without stripping or damaging the hair.

Most haircare products target only the cuticle, leaving a superficial healthy look but no long-term benefits. HIF’s delivery technology allows actives to remain anchored to the cuticle, even through washing, thus facilitating the penetration of ingredients into the deepest parts of the hair.

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HIF Hydration Support
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HIF Volume Support
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