A Letter from Nicola on DECIEM’s Partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies

Dear Reader—

Back in early 2013, Brandon set out on our mission to do 10 things at once. We attracted a small team of largely inexperienced but highly passionate individuals that soon became a close working family.

Every day we would work tirelessly together, ignoring the crowd in the industry, and simply do what we believed to be the right thing (while having a lot of fun along the way). We wanted to be the change in the beauty industry.

Some of our first brands to launch no longer exist today, and those that do have evolved so much. We have never been afraid to fail and have listened to our audience every step of the way.

As our following began to grow, we needed to seek investment to build our infrastructure, and follow our uphill path. While looking for investment in 2017, we met with many potential partners. From private equity to other large conglomerates, nobody made our hearts fuzzy. That was until we met The Estée Lauder Companies (a reminder of Brandon's words at the time https://deciem.com/estee-lauder-partnership).

From the first time they flew to our cozy Toronto home, to meeting Leonard, William, and Fabrizio, it became clear it was the match we thought we could only dream of. Brandon said so proudly, the only forever home for DECIEM is ELC. They put brand ahead of business and are family orientated throughout - two values we ferociously hold dear.

Our journey hasn’t always been easy, and we never imagined we could be at this point without Brandon. But on this day, as ELC agrees to increase their ownership in DECIEM, we are forever thankful that they are our partner.

ELC supported us at our lowest, continue to trust our decisions, and most importantly they have loved us throughout.

Whilst these changes impact our ownership, nothing will be changing for us at DECIEM. I will remain as CEO, Prudvi will continue to lead all of our innovation as Chief Scientific Officer, Stephen will continue to try and keep us all in order as Chief Operating Officer, and our loving team will remain committed to putting innovation, design, kindness, and function at the heart of everything we do.

It’s business as (un)usual for us at DECIEM.

With love always,


Nikola Kilner

P.S. DECIEM will never test on animals, this promise remains.
P.S.S. DECIEM stays committed to the highest levels of innovation and quality at fair prices.
P.S.S.S. Our founding shareholders will continue to maintain ownership in DECIEM.
P.S.S.S.S. Please still love us <3.