Social Impact

What we are doing.

In 2020, DECIEM established the Good Fund, with the goal of supporting People, Earth, and Animals.

Most brands only donate to established charities. While we recognize that large charities are needed and have established infrastructure and relationships that can make a large impact, grassroots charities are just as important. With the Good Fund, we are committed to taking a human approach to our giving, ensuring that organizations, big and small will be positively impacted.

Planet Earth

Social Impact in the Community

We recognize the importance of community outreach. In 2020, we pledged, and are now rolling out, our DECIEM Community Fund – an initiative donating $120,000 across 12 causes that directly affect the neighbourhoods where DECIEM stores are located.

We also provide in-kind donations to these organizations. This includes paid volunteering time for store teams, product donations, self-care workshops, and store space usage.

Aside from our Community Fund, we also offer paid time off for our own staff to vote and participate in protests for social and environmental causes.

In order to further support our communities, we took a stand against anti-Asian hate through amplifying community voices on a Instagram takeover, YouTube listening session, and donated $100,000 across 4 organizations that were recommended by DECIEM employees.

Global Disaster Relief Efforts

During times of crisis, we’re deeply committed to ensuring the safety of communities affected by providing them with the tools and resources they need in order to move forward.

Since our inception, we’ve supported initiatives that are on-the-ground, allowing us to actively help communities across the globe.

An example of our support includes donations to the Beirut Disaster through Red Cross Lebanon and Care Canada, which provided medical attention and essential resources for the communities affected.

Our dedication during times of need remains ongoing, however, we’ve provided relief during the following events:

  • The deep freeze in Texas;
  • The Typhoon Rai in the Philippines;
  • The Earthquakes in Haiti and St. Vincent;
  • The devastating invasion in Ukraine;
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic.

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