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Slo o o o o wvember

Welcome to Slowvember. A journey into a new, gentle world, after an isolated year. For the month of November, we will focus on bringing soothing experiences, creating moments of calm, and allowing space for the appreciation of small things. We hope this comfortable environment will encourage deliberate, considered purchases, allowing you to truly benefit from our 23% saving.

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Ready, Set, Slow.

Bye-Bye Black Friday.

On the day formerly known as Black Friday, the DECIEM website and stores will pause. We will use the time to focus on connections over transactions, sharing experiences and events such as live music and workshops that encourage a comfortable pace, and celebrating the beauty in slowing down.

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We believe that beauty is between us and the world around us. That’s why we’re continuously working to have a positive impact on people, animals, and the planet. You can read more about how we respect small and big things here.

Trio of The Ordinary Balance Set, The Ordinary Daily Set, and NIOD Set N.1
Good things come in Sets
We’ve partnered our well-loved formulas with additional technologies to enhance your skincare regimen, offering a tried and true approach to daily maintenance, balance, brightening, an introduction to NIOD, and the future state of your skin’s health.