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NIOD and The Ordinary have new homes
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DECIEM is a family of good people doing good things. We are home to The Ordinary and NIOD and hope to inspire a better world of beauty through the kindness of our community, our innovative technologies, and the honesty of our words and actions.

Our Commitment to the Earth
Powered by renewable energy.
Our Commitment to the Earth
Our Commitment to the Earth

2020 changed the way we work.

Since 2020, DECIEM has used renewable energy credits powered by wind to minimize our impact on the planet. Together, we’re creating a more sustainable future.

The Ordinary Regimen Builder.

The Ordinary Regimen Builder is a simple four-minute quiz that targets several common skin concerns. The results offer product recommendations suitable for all skin types.

Commit to change, change will come.
A message to fellow humans.
Commit to Change, Change will Come takes an honest look at how we can improve our commitment to fighting racial and social injustice.