Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at DECIEM

Where we stand.

We are committed to making meaningful, measurable changes in the lives of our employees. We have taken the following steps to create long lasting, meaningful change in our company. These initiatives fall under four categories: Awareness and Education, Leadership and Representation, Accountability and Reporting, and Social Impact.

where we stand

Awareness and Education.

DECIEM has created a new Diversity, Equity,and Inclusion Board to serve as a platform for humans from all walks of life, including those who identify as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and/or possess some form of disability. This team is made up of employees across different geographies, departments, levels, and demographics, and will contribute to all plans and decision-making matters at DECIEM.

We have also held, and continue to hold, listening sessions with our CEO and VP of People, to provide opportunities for diverse groups at DECIEM to directly communicate their experiences.

For example, DECIEM held a listening session with Parting The Roots, a platform to educate on the history, politics, and significance of Black hair and the Black Canadian identity. Moreover, we worked on amplifying the Asian community’s voice to raise anti-Asian hate awareness through numerous internal and external educational sessions.

We are implementing mandatory and ongoing diversity training for all employees, including deeper bias and inclusion training for leadership.

Lastly, DECIEM offers our team one-on-one counselling and mental health support.


Leadership and Representation.

To foster stronger relationships, DECIEM is developing a mentorship program, partnering senior leaders with BIPOC colleagues for two-way mentorship opportunities.

Our leadership team is working on formalizing representational targets across all levels, with senior leadership as our top priority for change.

Moreover, we are implementing diversity scorecards for all managers, as part of their performance evaluations.

Finally, DECIEM plans to partner with Toronto-based organizations in the near future to create internship and employment opportunities for those who identify as BIPOC.


Accountability and Reporting.

Tracking and communicating DECIEM’s progress and long-term commitment is key to ensuring we strive for a truly equal society. Moving forward, we will be publishing our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report on an annual basis.

DECIEM has always had a zero-tolerance policy for racist and discriminatory behavior. In order to ensure this is reinforced, we are implementing anti-racism and anti-oppression agreements in contracts for all humans. We are also introducing an anonymous feedback line for comments, concerns, and ideas.


Curious to know more? We love questions. Feel free to message us through our contact page and we'll get back to you.

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